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Bringing together the two worlds of English and Western riding traditions was a clear direction for Andy Kurtz and Regina Wendler. In their eyes the true underlying foundation of all riding, English or Western, is the same.

No matter how you look at it, the simple reality is that there is a rider and a horse, regardless of equipment, movements or maneuvers. Andy and Regina saw that bridging their knowledge and experiences could open doors not only for themselves, but also create valuable opportunities for other horse enthusiasts. Exploring English and Western traditions and their training methods with an open mindset gives riders the chance to find something new that works; something that a rider may never have been exposed to within the boundaries of their own specific discipline.

With a philosophy that focuses on an openness and willingness to see numerous sides, Regina and Andy are able to work with many horses and riders in a way that their personal uniqueness and disciplines can be viewed, acknowledged and improved upon.

For Regina and Andy to bring Common Ground together, both had to have this openness and respect for the other’s area of expertise. This allowed the two trainers to explore training methods, experiment and collaborate on ways to clarify and enhance their equine relationships. These training tools are then proved to clinic participants in a way that enables them to work on their partnerships once they leave a Common Ground Clinic.


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